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Founded in September of 2012 by Richard Corey, R.C. Enterprise Law is a full service law firm dedicated to serving its clients with the passionate and zealous representation that they deserve. The attorney-client relationship is of the most precious fiduciary responsibilities and being that we are a small firm, we pride ourselves on our ability to enter into such relationship with you at a very personal level. Our wide ranging practice areas make us the one stop shop for you and your legal matters. Choosing the right legal representation is a very important matter and we look forward to the opportunity to offer our services in any way that we can. Our committed and highly skilled attorneys have the knowledge and understanding of
client’s needs as well as the key ingredients to help our clients succeed and prosper in both the world of business and in a litigation setting. The firm believes in turning challenges into opportunities through the unique combination of ambition, creativity and innovation. In addition to the traditional practice of law, the firm applies a calculated and strategic approach to client matters through what the firm has trademarked as the Royal Crown Enterprise System. We take a truly novel approach to business enterprise and our unwavering focus always places the client’s best interest as the top priority. Through our collaborative approach, the firm works directly with clients in seeking the most successful outcomes no matter how complex their needs. Our strategic goal oriented model allows the firm and its clients to work together in seeking the most efficient and desirable resolution to any issue and passionately strive toward the successful achievement of client objectives. At the Law Offices of Richard Corey, it is our vision to help you pursue yours.